1. State


A State can function in conditions of freedom, independence, internal cohesion and prosperity only, if its citizens live under the following conditions:

A. Do their work with responsibility.

B. Pay their taxes.

C. Participate in collective activities, serving the function of the State.

D. Be ready to sacrifice their lives and their freedom for the benefit of their fellow citizens, whenever a morally legitimate stater leadership requests.


2. State


Europe declines inevitably. For many centuries Europeans supported their development to the brutal exploitation of other peoples through colonialism. After the two great, mainly European, wars of the 20th century, Europe lost its colonies and, therefore, the cheap supply of energy and raw materials.

Now Europe seeks to become a vassal of the United States of America, to which past European power and “spirit” have somehow moved.

Thus the so-called European civilization will die of starvation or it will be maintained for some years as a museum exhibit.


3. Civilization


Μodern Greeks may be descendants of the ancient Greek tribes*, but the ancient Greek Civilization is no longer our living tradition. Our collective existence or everyday living is no longer based on its principles.

The main living tradition, according to the values of which Hellenism operates socially and culturally, is Orthodoxy. Most Greeks live as Christian Orthodox, even if we consider ourselves religious, agnostics or atheists.

Our Western so-called allies denounce this fact with disgust.


* We are also descendants of Albanians, Arabs, Armenians, Bulgarians, Jews, Italians, Normans, Slavs, Turks, etc. Franks. The same multiracial ancestry applies to any modern people.


4. Civilization


The Identity of each nation is built mostly around its language, cultural parameters and education. The Greeks have managed to preserve our language for thousands of years, even if it is much poorer, compared to our past. Also we place great importance on academic education, which is certainly not always identical to the concept of “Culture”. This applies to all Greeks, not only to the inhabitants or our country. Take for example the thousands of Greek scientists in all the major universities of the world.

For at least one thousand years we supported our existence on solid cultural values, which gradually created by our people. Today we tend to underestimate these cultural goods, while our Western, so called, allies try in every way to convince us to forget or even to despise them. Examples of our important popular civilization are:

  • Our Ecclesiastical music, essentially the Greek classical music. The whole of our Church religious tradition, which, despite the pressures from inside and outside, remains alive.

  • Our traditional music.

  • The traditional dances.

  • The traditional architecture.

  • The popular embroidery, creations with skill and knowledge transmitted by word of mouth, aesthetics, patience and experience of centuries. This valuable knowledge today tends to extinguish, because of the stupidity of modern Greek women.

  • The urban popular (Working Class) music of the 20th century, extremely important internationally. From the 1970s onwards, αn organized and targeted effort is made to disappear this authentic folk cultural expression from our collective unconscious. This effort is coordinated by the media, targeting the stupefaction of the people.

  • The scholar and folk Poetry. It withstands severe pressures and evolves.


5. Existence


There are two processes that I try to follow in order to add meaning to my life: Love and Creativity.

Love is the basic condition of Society, at least of the intimate social relations. Love is an emotional process, which does not require the function of a very advanced brain. Many animals live in its environment, since it is known that they develop intimate social relations.

Creativity requires a sophisticated brain, consequently an advanced cortex, which has developed reason, consciousness and imagination in the environment of Love. Therefore only Man is capable of Creativity. Yet this brain function is very young in the history of biological evolution. We have not yet been able to develop it effectively. That is why we end up in silly and, particularly, devastating constructs, when we are trying to “create”.

At this point it is necessary to highlight two aphorisms:

1. Any exercise of Creativity is inconceivable outside Love's environment.

2. The most effective and, at present, less dangerous, way for Creativity to be practiced, is through Language – a purely human function and a means of humanization – and perhaps through Music.


6. Relationship


I hate Power. To dominate and be dominated.

Anyone who wants Power has not yet come of age psychosocially.

The Adult does not want power. The adult does not want anything in particular.

But she dares to offer Care. To perform acts of Love, if she believes that they are needed. Also the Adult dares to look for Care, when he appreciates that he needs it.


It is necessary to replace the term “power” with the term “care” in order to adequately approach the concept of “Leadership”, especially when it concerns a family or other social group, who would like to be considered mature and functional.


7. Mind


Learning means a change in the Manner of Living.

A change of the Manner of Living means Learning.


8. Mind


Grief has five stages:

Denial, anger, negotiation, depression, acceptance.

In the phase of acceptance the Dead are raised

And live happily thereafter

In the minds of Those, who remember them.


9. Society


A. The true philanthropist is popular.

B. Maybe he, who by taking advantage of individual or social cheating mechanisms (eg. mass stupefaction by the Media), manages to convince the People about his false philanthropy, also becomes popular.

I believe that “A” prevails.


10. Gardening


1st question: Why we uproot hundreds of plants to finally be able to eat a few sprouts?

Answer: Because we can.

2nd question: Why we consider Gardening a peaceful process?

Answer: Because we are foolish.


Rule: No human construction is free of Hubris and Destruction.

Possible exception: Human creations using Language and, perhaps sound, as their unique materials..

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